Campaign Yard Sign Substrate – Polycoated Cardboard

Polycoated cardboard is also known by a number of other names including polyboard, paperboard, cardboard, coated and fold over yard. Cardboard yard signs are the traditional political campaign sign. Cardboard is coated with polyethylene to make this sign. It is great choice for campaigns looking to order in between 250 and 2,500 signs.

The Cost of cardboard campaign signs

For small and large orders, the most cost-effective option is corrugated plastic and bag bag respectively. In quantities between 250 and 500 signs, polyboard signs are at their least expensive compared to the poly bag or corrugated plastic lawn signs.

In the last ten years, however, many small and medium sized campaigns have moved towards corrugated plastic or Coroplast. Prices, however, are always changing so be sure to check what is the most cost-effective type after determining the amount of lawn signs the campaign needs.

Just like the other types of political signs, the most expensive part of the fold over political sign is often the wire. Metal wires frames are best suited for all campaign lawn signs but cardboard signs can be staked into the ground with an inexpensive wooden stake unlike other sign substrates.

In addition to screen printed polyboard signs being an economical choice with small and medium-sized runs, another advantage is the turnaround time. These type is often the quickest to get printed and shipped to the campaign office. In campaigns where every minute counts and you needed the campaign lawn signs yesterday, paperboard signs can get there fast.

Polyboard materials and assembly

Not all fold over signs are made the same. 24 point stock of paperboard is the standard but you will find some printers sell thinner, 18 point stock. Likewise, different printers use different thicknesses of polymer to protect the campaign sign from the elements.

The biggest concern with paperboard is waterproofing. The thicker the plastic coat on the paperboard and the more evenly and skillfully it is applied the more resistant it will be to water damage. If the printer takes the appropriate measures, cardboard yard signs will last but they won’t last as long as the other types of political yard signs.

To assemble the polycoated cardboard substrate, fold it in half exposing printing on both sides. The printer will score the sign in the middle to make folding a snap. While assembly is more involved with paperboard yard signs than with corrugated plastic and poly bag lawn signs, it’s only a matter folding the sign over the wire frame, which should be about 2/3rds the width of the sign itself and stapling the sides to each other.


For many state and local campaigns, coated cardboard is going to be the most cost-effective option and will get the job done.