Top 5 campaign yard sign strategies

I’ve covered a ton of yard signs strategies that you can use in your campaign. Here are five of my favorite:

  1. Print yard signs early.  The principle benefit of political signs for your campaign is to increase you name recognition.  The time that candidates need to increase their name ID is early in the campaign so that they can move onto persuasion and get out the vote efforts.
  2. Yard sign blitzes work.  A yard sign blitz is a strategy where your campaign puts a lot of lawn signs out in a small area in a short amount of time.  The big change in the landscape of the neighborhood will get voters’ attention!
  3. Use “smart” yard signs.  If you haven’t heard of QR codes, they are a two-dimensional bar code that smartphones can scan.  Once scanned, the QR code can send a voter to your website, sign themselves up for your mailing list, declare their support for you online, or any other number of actions.  If you’re running in a tech-savvy district, putting a QR code on your campaign sign, will help you engage with your voters.
  4. Are you an incumbent running for reelection?  Use the power of incumbency to get your yard signs out fast and in great locations.  Simply, drop off your yard signs at local businesses, other elected officials, and other prominent figures in the community that would be interested in showing their support for an incumbent elected official.
  5. If you’re running in an open seat, think about mimicking the prior elected official’s yard signs.  If the past elected official was popular in the district, it can’t hurt to try to associate yourself with the former elected official in any way you can including by designing similarly styled and sized political yard signs.

The first two tactics are tried and true.  The best time to order yard signs is early.  Also, campaigns have used yard sign blitzes successfully since candidates started using signs in the first place.  The last three depend upon the nature of your election.  Are you in a tech-savvy, urban district?  If so, QR codes are a good option.  Of course, if you’re a challenger, the last two tactics don’t apply to you but incumbents and candidates running in open seats can use them to add a little extra something to their sign strategy.

Campaign Yard Sign Substrate – Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is created by bonding two flat polymer sheets with plastic flutes in between. It looks like corrugated cardboard and comes in a variety of colors. The tubes make the material rigid but also lightweight. Corrugated plastic is often referred to by brand names particularly Coroplast but also IntePro, Correx, Twinplast, Corriflute, or Corflute. It is also known as corriboard or twinfall plastic.

The most important qualities of the substrate as campaign lawn signs include rigidity, easily cleanable, and print quality characteristics that allow for anything a simple single color to a digital image. While the rigidity maintains the shape of the yard sign much better than a poly bag sign, it also makes the lawn sign more susceptible to the wind. These lawn signs can blow away in the wind in the most extreme cases. The rigidity of these yard signs allows campaigns to use them to other purposes such as rally signs or for visibility.

The smooth plastic surface and the rigidity lend themselves to easy cleaning. If a yard sign has been on a lawn for a long time, the sign will accumulate dust and dirt. Corrugated plastic signs can be wiped clean with a wet towel. This sign substrate will also withstand chemical cleaners if needed.

The greatest benefit to choosing this substrate is the ability to shape it however the campaign would like their sign to look. With a fold over sign or poly bag sign, your limited to a standard rectangular shape, but with corrugated plastic there are a variety of options. Some candidates have shaped their coroplast signs like their state or district while others have used shapes that help identify who they are what they are running for such as a sheriff’s badge or an apple indicating the candidate was a teacher.

Printing on corrugated plastic has its challenges. Coroplast is sensitive to the type of ink and its application to cure properly. It is important to use a printer that has experienced with corrugated plastic because applying too much ink or ink that is too thick will not adhere properly to the yard sign.

Other popular substrates for lawn signs are poly bag and polycoated paperboard, also called fold over signs. Take some time to consider all three types of lawn signs before deciding on which is best for your campaign. Coroplast is often a great choice for a campaign lawn sign.