The most famous yard sign post of all time

Huffington Post

Phil Busse, admitted to stealing yard signs on a Huffington Post piece that he wrote. He explains where he steals signs and why:

“The biggest sign I stole was also the grandest thrill. It was 10 p.m. on a Saturday evening and there was a good chance the homeowners were awake. I drove by once and could see at least one light on inside the house. As a safety feature, newer models of Subarus do not allow the driver to leave the engine running and to turn off all exterior lights. The parking lights burned orange as I hustled up the small grass embankment. Inside, I could see a TV flickering blue light.”

But the article also talks about other yard sign thieves and the uproar around it. One yard sign thief, for example, was shot!

Phil was a visiting professor at St. Olaf College, former candidate for mayor of Portland, and has volunteered on campaigns in the past. Was is the operative word since he was soon dismissed following from his teaching job following the post. This wasn’t his first gaffe, however, having had issues with a post.

There are two interesting parts of this continuing story. The first is that stealing yard signs is an emotional issue. Phil Busse knew that it wasn’t going to make a major difference in the campaign if he stole signs but he did it anyway. What he didn’t foresee was the outcry following his admission. There are some strongly worded comments in the Huffington Post article and on forums throughout the internet!

With that said, politics is also a business of second chances. His nonprofit is apparently still doing well and he has also had another stint as a political professional.

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