Ugly Campaign Signs Stand Out


I know I am ugly but I glow at night.
For campaign signs to be effective, a voter has to see them. One of the simplest ways to get the attention of a voter is to design a sign that is unique and out of the ordinary, even an ugly campaign sign.

I recently saw a yard sign that looked great. It was orange and gray. Neither color was too bold and the colors choice flowed with the font type, logo, and text on the sign. If you saw the image on a computer screen or a direct mail piece, you could see that the campaign clearly had spent time, money, and effort to create a professional yet modern design.

The problem, however, was that they were difficult to read. Gray might have looked really nice and prevented the sign from looking like a Halloween decoration but it also made it also made it much more difficult for voters to read if it drew their attention at all in the first place.

You might not want to throw a professional looking design out the door but it’s important that your designer understand the purpose of a yard sign, that the font should be big and bold, that the less text the better, and the bolder the colors and the more that they contrast with each other and the scenery the better.

In the case of the sign I just mentioned, making the orange and the back much darker into a deep orange and a dark black and removing some but not all of the white space would have made a big difference in the sign.

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