A lot of campaigns make the mistake of thinking that all yard signs are created equal and order signs purely based on price. While price is an important consideration, corrugated plastic, poly bag, and paperboard lawn signs have other differences to consider:

  • Durability
  • Different methods of assembly
  • Ability to customize shape and size
  • Ease of storage
  • Use steel wire frames or wooden stakes

The major types, or substrates, of yard signs are all recyclable and many vendors are now offering yard signs made of post consumer recycled materials.

Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Coroplast or Corrugated Plastic Lawn Sign
Small Coroplast Campaign Sign

Corrugated plastic, often referred to by its brand name, Coroplast, is a tough and lightweight material.
Corrugated plastic sign use a special H-shaped wire. Because of the H wire, it is impossible to use wooden stakes or recycle old yard sign wires with Coroplast yard signs. Assembling this type of yard sign is a simple matter of inserting the wire frames into the corrugated plastic flutes.

Coroplast signs are durable enough to last at least an election cycle, so incumbents should replace corrugated plastic signs every other election. Because they are lightweight and sturdy, Coroplast signs are easy to store and mend minor damage.
Corrugated plastic yard signs don’t hold up well in the wind, so consider another type of sign if you’re running in a windy area or time of year. One the other hand, corrugated plastic holds up better than paperboard signs in the rain.

Candidates who would like to use a non-standard sign shape, such as the shape of your district or state, should use this type of sign. Corrugated plastic is easily cut with a knife. If your campaign is interested in a uniquely shaped yard signs using a corrugated plastic yard sign is your best bet.

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Poly Bag Yard Signs

Poly Bag Campaign Lawn Sign
Plastic Bag Campaign Sign

Poly bag yard signs are becoming the political yard sign standard. These signs are extremely lightweight, weatherproof, and inexpensive in quantities over 1,000. While poly bag lawn signs are durable, they are weaker around the sign’s seem. Treating the seem with care while assembling will increase the life of the yard sign. An import assembly tip is to bend bottom steel wire ends together and then slip the poly bag cover over the top. This trick will cut assembly time in half.

Unlike corrugated plastic sign, poly bag yard signs use standard yard sign wires. For campaigns on a tight budget, you may be able to use wires from past campaigns and just buy the poly bag sign itself, but most campaigns will need to buy wires with the signs to ensure that there are enough wires of the right size.

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Polycoated Cardboard Yard Signs

Fold Over Yard Sign
Cardboard lawn sign

The traditional, fold over cardboard signs are still a good option for many campaigns. Not all cardboard lawn signs are created equal, however, so be sure to check that there is a substantial polycoat on the sign. The thicker the polycoat the more weather resistant the sign is.
Assembling cardboard signs is a multi-step process of folding over the, stapling the sign together, and it’s a good idea to use packing tape for extra strength. While take more time to assembly than other signs, wooden stakes work nearly as well as steel wire frames. Wooden stakes are much less expensive than metal wires but it is also important to keep in mind that steel wires will last for a number of elections before needing replaced.

If you’re campaign is looking for an inexpensive sign or a sign that works best with wooden stakes, order polycoat cardboard yard signs.

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Price is a top consideration and one sign substrate will be cheaper than another depending upon the number of signs you’re ordering, so play around with the numbers and sign types to choose the most economical sign. Make sure to take into account some of the other strengths and weaknesses of Coroplast, poly bag, and paperboard lawn signs.

  • If you’re in a windy area, only consider poly bag or paperboard
  • If your campaign wants to print a uniquely shaped yard sign, choose corrugated plastic
  • Otherwise, choose the least expensive option

Check out this chart for a quick understanding of the differences between corrugated plastic, poly bag, and poly coated cardboard campaign signs:

Campaign Yard Sign Comparison Chart
The Differences Between Campaign Yard Signs