Many voters express their support for a political candidate by placing yard signs in their yard. In addition, many campaigns and supporters want to place signs along road ways to increase their candidate’s name recognition among voters, but it’s important to follow election sign rules or signs can become more of a liability than a benefit to your campaign.

Election Sign Rules

States and local governments restrict when and where campaigns can place yard signs for aesthetic reasons, to limit distractions to drivers, and in the case of disclaimer requirements and campaigning regulations at polling places, to create an even playing field for candidates and promote open and honest political campaigns.

Different states have varying approaches to these state interests. Some governments have very restrictive regulations while others defer to another state interest, preserving the right to political speech, and have few limits on campaign signs.

It’s important for political campaigns to learn what to expect with sign laws and regulations, where to find out what yard sign restrictions are in the district, and how to work within the legal framework to increase the candidate’s name ID and demonstrate social proof.

State Yard Sign Laws and Regulations