Your Opponent Ordered the Same Campaign Yard Signs

My opponent has made his yard signs so they look almost exactly like mine. Same colors, same style of type. Only the name is different. Should I make an issue out of this?

This could be a benefit for you. Chances are all of these signs are going to be lost in the shuffle now. If your opponent spent more on them that you did, the net benefit is your’s.

If you’re really concerned about this, you can make or order something of a different color to stick onto the sign to differentiate it from your opponent: “vote” or “another family for” or “sportsmen for” whatever.

Corneo is right, chances are this issue won’t have too much traction in the media or otherwise. You can throw it in there if there are issues with stealing signs etc. down the road but as a stand alone, voters and the media won’t care.

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